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MIAMI, Florida - It has taken many years to assemble your comic book collection. The satisfaction of obtaining those last few issues to complete a series is as rewarding as watching the values of your comics increase. There are reasons to obtain an appraisal and insurance, of course, but are you willing to spend money indemnifying something so safe? The same question can be asked of the owners of collectibles and memorabilia - some of whom own collections worth three times the value of their homes. Guess which one they fail to insure? Your comic books are, of course, packed securely in plastic baggies and cardboard boxes. I'd sleep well knowing that....

Appraising Comic Books
It makes sense to insure your valuables yet many collectors ignore this rule when it comes to their comic books. For those who might not be aware, a typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover collectibles for their full worth. What is needed is separate coverage that guaramtees your receiving the full value of your comics should they perish in a fire, flood or through theft. Believe it or not, entire boxes of books have all but vanished as a result of rodent infestations.

Before an insurance company will write coverage for your collection they will want to know what it is worth. Are they going to take your word for it? Hardly. And providing them with an inventory of your issues won't help much either as they have no way of verifying that you actually have what's on your list.

An appraisal company who specializes in evaluating collectibles will present a comprehensive picture to your insurer. Once they have a report from a licensed appraiser the rest is simple.

One of the things that confuses collectors is the difference between a comic book appraiser and a comic book grader. The appraisal is a general overview of everything in the collection and an evaluation of it's approximate worth. Grading is a more refined look into an individual comic to determine it's condition. As grading services typically charge hundreds of dollars for just a few issues it makes little sense to grade an entire collection. The appraisal is a comprehensive report that contains adequate information for insurance, estate or donation purposes.

In addition to the insuring of your comic book collection there are other reasons you should seek an appraisal. In the event of your passing, your estate will need to know the value of your collection. Without accurate numbers, your heirs could conceivably sell off the comics for far less that their actual worth. In a bankruptcy or divorce, knowing the value of your collectibles is also vital. And in the event you decide to sell the books, a policy that shows an itemized list and corresponding values is appealing, especially if the buyer wishes to continue obtaining coverage from the same insuror.

The St. Lucie Appraisal Company is licensed and insured. If your collection doesn't happen to be in the State of Florida, you may ship your books to our secure storage facility where they will be protected from all perils while we perform our appraisal.

You have choices. Whether or not to spend money on an appraiser and insurance is a matter of personal preference. We highly recommend a call to your homeowners insuror just to get an idea of what is covered and for how much. You may be surprised to know that your HO policy, when it comes to your comic books and other collectibles, is practically worthless. Ask any collector whose comics have fallen victim to natural or unnatural disasters. A typical response might be "They only compensated me for 10% of the value of my collection."

It makes sense to learn about protection and how to make sure you have enough of it. Thankfully, answers are now only a few mouse clicks away. Be wise-take the time to do it.

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Our rates for services are as follows:

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Diminished Value Appraisals (Determines how much less your car is worth after accident repairs) $225.00

Personal Property Appraisals (Contents, Collectibles, Art, Antiques) $225.00

All other services and additional time when necessary  $75/Hr.

You may obtain appraisals for Charitable Donation Tax Credits, Collateral, Damage Claims, Equitable Distribution, Bankruptcy, Estates, Insurance Stated Value, Purchase & Sale and Diminished Value.

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